Our Route So Far

Money laundering on On Delay

Life aboard is a constant battle against mold and mildew. Something gets damp, and, before we’ve even realized it’s damp, it’s been colonized by some mold. The most recent mold growth was in our emergency cupboard. We keep our first-aid kit, grab bag and emergency water together. We’d noticed some dampness in the dry goods cabinet and eventually traced it to a water bottle leaking in the emergency cabinet higher up and a few feet away.

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Review: Petite Anse Hotel, Grenada

July 13th and July 28, 2012, Sauteurs, Grenada

If you ever find yourself in Grenada, I recommend a few nights stay at the lovely Petite Anse Hotel on the north tip of the island. Even if you haven’t been living on a sailboat for three months, you’ll find the Petite Anse Hotel to be charming and romantic.

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Route Recap: August

Sunday, August 26 to Wednesday, August 29 : to Nikky Beach, Aruba (map)

Our longest sail to date: We left Trinidad at midnight on Sunday morning and sailed 80 hours downwind to Aruba. It was about 500 miles as the crow flies and about 600 miles through the water.

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