Route Recap: September 2012

Tuesday, September 25 to Thursday, September 27 : from Aruba to Santa Marta, Colombia (map)

Our first stop in South America. See D is for Dave for details about this passage.

Thursday, September 6 : to Renaissance Marina, Oranjestad, Aruba (map)

We sailed a little in the morning. We stopped at Nikky Beach again (circumnavigation is now complete) and then decided to take a slip in the marina for a few nights.

Wednesday, September 5 : to Saventa, Aruba (map)

Late afternoon, we moved north to Saventa. It wasn’t a proper anchorage and the coastguard came by in the middle of the night and we said we’d leave first thing in the morning. We did get to have dinner at a great fish restaurant and then dessert at a fancy restaurant.

Tuesday, September 4 : to Rodgers Beach, Aruba (map)

We made good progress on our clockwise circumnavigation of Aruba: we left the north east corner at 8 am; motor sailed and sailed south down the dry and rugged windward side; and arrived in pretty Rodger’s Beach at 2:30 pm. On the way into the anchorage, we were boarded by the coast guard. This is the first time for us getting boarded. We had all our papers in order. 🙂

We saw some modern Dutch windmills on the windward side of the island.

Monday, September 3 : to Malmok Beach, Aruba (map)

Tried of the craziness of Palm Beach, we motored further north to the more quite Malmok beach where we enjoyed some fine snorkelling and diving and invited our Calgarian neighbour Dave for happy hour. (BTW: At Kathy’s suggestion, I’m also mentioning that Pete rescued a hunky gay Venezuelan paddle boarder.)

Saturday, September 1 : to Palm Beach, Aruba (map)

For a change of scene, we sailed a few miles north to Palm Beach and anchored off the fancy hotels.

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