Route recap: June

Saturday June 30: Deshaies, Guadaloupe (map)

We arrived in Deshaies around 8:30 am and dropped anchor. We hung out and had a lazy day: snorkeling, swimming, reading, interwebs, snacking, and chores.

Friday June 29: Leave Gustavia and head towards Guadaloupe

We ate delicious Breton crepes for breakfast.

We made two trips to the chandlery again today in our efforts to fix the starboard freshwater pump. (Maybe it is fixed now; I hope.)

We checked out of Gustavia around noon and set sail towards Guadaloupe. We had good wind for once — we sailed and pinched our way with only a very short tack to avoid Redonda.

When abeam of St. Kitts, we deployed our new drogue to see how it would work. It slowed the boat to around 4 knots.

Wednesday June 27 and Thursday June 28: Gustavia, St. Barthélemy (map)

Nice days in Gustavia: a good mix of errands, good food, boat work and exploring the town.

We have decided that it is not so important after all that we get to Grenada by June 30th. Maybe we’ll stop in Guadaloupe for a few days before we go to Grenada.

Monday June 25 and Tuesday June 26: From Anegada, British Virgin Islands to Gustavia, St. Barthélemy

We upped anchor in Anegada at 8:30 on Monday and, after a lot of sailing and tacking (220 boat miles to go ~100 direct miles), we arrived at St. Barth’s around 4 pm on Tuesday.

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BVI virgins no more

Somehow we’d managed to do over a dozen Caribbean charter trips without ever having visited the British Virgin Islands. The BVIs are training grounds for charterers; most do their first charter there.

So, Sunday was our first experience of the BVIs, and it was much as we expected: lots of mooring balls, nearly all occupied by charter boats. We, however, anchored. We have a good anchor.

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Mall Day

Tuesday was “Mall Day”. I suspect this was our last chance for a while to shop at a full-scale American-style mall. Gayle will miss malls inherently. The rest of us might miss malls for convenient access to a range of well-priced goods.

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Our day in Ponce

Hey, that rhymes. Ponce, pronounced “pon-say”, is the second largest city in Puerto Rico. It is named after Juan Ponce de León y Loayza, and thus the city emblem is the lion. There are lots of lion statues about the place. My favourites are the newest ones. We saw them dotted around the historic city square. Chicago has its cows; San Francisco, its hearts; Vancouver, its orcas. Ponce has its lions.

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Testing the system

I am trying to find easier ways to get photos in.