On Delay is on her way again, with a new crew and under a new name

October 15th, 2014, San Francisco, USA

In August, Chris T and family bought On Delay. They have renamed her “Family Circus”. A very apt name as they are a big family: a crew of seven.

Last week, Family Circus headed out from San Francisco Bay, under the Golden Gate bridge, and turned south. They are blogging their adventures too. So, if you are interested in the continuing story of the Lagoon 470 catamaran, hull #44, check out svfamilycircus.com

We are thrilled that On Delay is cruising again, and we wish fair winds, fine sailing, and safe adventures for Family Circus and her crew.

On Delay arrives in San Francisco

June 21, 2014, San Francisco, USA

I was very happy to see this automatically generated email on Saturday night:

From: MarineTraffic
Date: June 22, 2014 2:50:03 AM EDT
Subject: Arrival: ON DELAY, Port: SAN FRANCISCO

Time: 2014-06-22 06:49 (UTC)

(Time of arrival/departure is the time the vessel approaches the entrance/exit of the port respectively)

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On Delay “On the Hard” — 1939-style

April 21–22, 2014, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Our adventure is coming to an end. However, we have sold On Delay to Chris and Heather, who are going to be starting on their own two-year adventure (with five kids on board!) shortly. We met Chris (virtually) over a year ago when he posted some questions about our boat model on a cruisers’ forum. The timing worked out, and we are mid-delivery to San Francisco (see The Long passage home to San Francisco). As part of the sale process, Chris flew to Costa Rica to have the boat surveyed out of the water. This was done on an old-style rail lift.

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A Trio of tourist activities in Costa Rica

March 2014, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is for tourists. The country seems perfectly geared for the 10-day family vacation. We did more classic tourist stuff in Costa Rica than usual. Read about it here.

First, to bring you up to date — After a six-week stay in Guatemala, Jane and Tony rejoined On Delay in Quepos, Costa Rica. A couple of weeks later, Pete and Gayle headed back to San Francisco to resume their land lives, leaving Tony and Jane with On Delay until it was time to take her to San Francisco. We’ve been making the most of our final weeks on On Delay — I didn’t pause for even long enough to write a blog post. Apologies.

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#8 Armadillo Jocón

An occasional series of practical recipes to cook aboard using the ingredients at hand.
March, 2014, Antigua, Guatemala
(Tony and Jane are taking a break from On Delay to attend escuela de español.)

Your correspondent decided to try a dish that is more faithful to the region: Armadillo Jocón.

Jocón is a Guatemalan tomatillo and pumpkin seed-based sauce and, as everyone knows, armadillo is a delicious meat!

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#7 Mission-style iguana tacos

An occasional series of practical recipes to cook aboard using the ingredients at hand.
February, 2014, Antigua, Guatemala
(Tony and Jane are taking a break from On Delay to attend escuela de español.)

Occasionally one needs a taste of home.  For your correspondent that taste was Mission-style tacos (so named after the area in San Francisco where they are often served).


Iguana on the hoof.

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December 7, 2013, Las Brisas Anchorage, Panama

This is a tardy post, but I want you to show you the photos.

Before starting the On Delay adventure, I didn’t know the true meaning of the word “careen”, which, according to Miriam-Webster is:

1 : to put (a ship or boat) on a beach especially in order to clean, caulk, or repair the hull

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Pete’s recipe for Saril drinks

An occasional series of practical recipes to cook using the ingredients at hand.
December, 2013, Panama

December in Panama means that the Jamaica flowers are in bloom. These are used to make beautiful, traditional Christmas drinks. We bought a couple of pounds of fresh Jamaica (also called saril or sorrel) flowers at the Abastos market in Panama City, and Pete processed them and prepared seasonal drinks for us.
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