Anna and Kathy arrive!

Nikky Beach, Aruba, August 31st, 2012

Today is a red letter day and a blue moon* day on On Delay.

Both Anna and Kathy arrived. Poor Anna left SF 17 hours before Kathy but arrived only a couple of hours before. Bad marks for American Airlines (and they lost her bag).

Regardless, we are thrilled to see them both.

* Using the blue moon definition of the second full moon of the month — August 31st. I guess that make it a blue moon day everywhere 🙂

2 thoughts on “Anna and Kathy arrive!

  1. Lucky ladies! SF is chilly and overcast, so they’re definitely in much nicer weather, not to mention in great company :). Hope they have a fabulous vacation aboard On Delay!

  2. We saw the blue moon, too, Jane.. over NYC.. pretty damn spectacular, I suspect, in both places.. I hope the Yacht Clubber socialites had a wonderful time!! Hug and kiss all of you from us! We return to Reno on the 6th, and head for Chianti on the 13th..returning to the West coast on the 1 of October. Love the posts!

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