On Delay Quotes

  • “Everything is better in Colombia” — We all say this surprisingly often. It applies to soda crackers, coffee, fruit, arepas, chocolate, meat, airlines, customer service, line-handlers, and countless other things…
  • “Do you want to kill him some more?” — Tony to Pete as they dispatch a large lobster with strong reflexes.
  • “I never thought I’d buy my own barrel of oil.” — Tony after we bought a 55 gallon drum of diesel and had it delivered to the dock, at Puerto Obaldia.
  • “It’s tasty meat, but it’s no gibnut.” — Tony referring to stewed turtle meat. Gibnut is a rodent that Tony and Pete ate in Belize and really liked.
  • Bella, 6-yrs old: Where are you going next?
    Pete: We’re going to the Cayman Islands.
    Bella: We’re going to the Caveman Islands too!
    Pete: I thought you were going south.
    Bella: My parents talked about it last night, and we’re going to the Caveman Islands.
    [Ed.] Henceforth, the Cayman Islands shall be referred to as the Caveman Islands on On Delay.
  • “I didn’t feel I was negotiating from a position of strength wearing only a towel.” —
    Pete just returned to the boat from the shower at the marina and Black Sparrow appeared, keen for the job of cleaning the hulls.
  • “Don’t put it down – Put it away!” — Sarah on the first day of her On Delay visit. This is a great quote for boat life and pretty useful for dirt-dwellers too.
  • “It’s like the Internet only with pages.” — Pete (after a day without interwebs) on using the index of our excellent Panama guide book.
  • “The partially sighted leading the ignorant.” — Sarah about our Kuna guide, Sr. Aquilino, whose eyesight was very poor but who managed to give us a fine tour of Niadup, Kuna Yala, and also guided us to see el Rio Diable.
  • “This is our first non-island home.” — Gayle as we approached Colombia, our first stop in South America.
  • “What’s wrong with you? Were you born on land?” — Anna teasing Pete after Gayle chided him for leaving his damp trunks on her towel.
  • The beer here is lousy; at least it comes in small bottles.” — Pete on the local beer in Aruba.
  • “We are not slaves to logic.” — Pete to Tony.
  • “I can’t remember when I last wore socks.” — Tony Day looking in his clothes cabinet.
  • “I am my own water weenie.” — Jane being towed on a rope behind the dinghy.
  • Andy: Is this fish fresh?
    Fisherman: Look at me mon! I’m still wet. — Andy at the fishermen’s stalls at Store Bay
  • Do you remember when your last shower was? — Pete to Tony on a smelly morning.



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