Trinidad temple tour 2012 and shopping goal

As referred to in the previous post, two of our goals for Sunday were shopping and to see the Temple on the Sea.

At Edinburgh Gardens, we found one of the big pottery shops (Radika) open even though it was Sunday. There were all sorts of appealing earthenware pots. But alas, we don’t have need for or storage for earthenware pots on On Delay. However, we chose a three small, inexpensive dishes as a souvenir of the day.

From there we went to the Fab India Expo — in a big tent in a vacant field off the freeway. Traders come from India twice a year and sell goods. Gayle has been much deprived of shopping of late so was happy to check out Fab India Expo. But alas, her shopping was curtailed by our invitation to celebrate the end of Eid. However, in a short time, she did manage to find and purchase a very attractive tunic.

Our third goal was to find the Temple in the Sea which we had read about in the guide book. (There is a lovely story associated with this temple: Siewdass Sadhu tried to build a temple on land, but his initial constructions were knocked down because he didn’t own the land. He eventually decided to build a temple in the sea because the sea belongs to no one. He carried the building materials out at low tide on his bicycle.) Harripaul took us to this temple and we saw three other beautiful temples too.

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3 thoughts on “Trinidad temple tour 2012 and shopping goal

  1. how cool is that? all those wonderful pots and such..wish I was there….hope you are far away from the bad weather….love these posts…thanks

  2. Like everyone else, love your posts. This is place I haven’t thought about but looks wonderfully inriguiing. Gayle, I sure wish I could be shopping with you! Glad all is well with the four of you.

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