The On Delay crew and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos visit la Escuela Naval de Cadetes

Escuela Naval de Cadetes, Isla Manzanillo, October 26, 2012

Doesn’t that title sound better than “Shopping for charts”?

Tony had read that we could buy charts at the local naval school. We imagined that we’d go somewhere equivalent to a college bookstore that sold maps instead of textbooks. However, it was more different and surreal than our imaginings.

Colombian Hydrographic Dept. map of the Caribbean

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The best green grocer ever is in Bogotá (and an update on the mystery fruit)

Bogotá, October 16, 2012

Bogotá has the most amazing green grocery; it’s called Surtifruver de la Sabana, and it is on Calle 85 in La Zona Rosa. This store has an amazing variety of familiar and unfamiliar fruits and vegetables. One floor is devoted to vegetables and the other to fruit. For example, the vegetable level had four kinds of starchy banana/plantain and the fruit level had four kinds of sweet bananas.

Each time we’ve been to this shop, we’ve seen restaurant chefs shopping.

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Sloth snaps

Convento La Popa, Cartegena, October 19th, 2012

At the entrance to the Convento La Popa (a beautiful spot high up and affording great views of Cartegena), there were lots of people selling things to earn money from the tourists. We opted to buy our photo with a sloth.
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Glamour shot

Isla Grande, Islas del Rosario, Colombia, October 8th and 9th, 2012

We enjoyed a lovely 27 hours of mini-vacation at Isla Grande, one of the Islas del Rosario, off the coast from Cartegena. We were eight for this outing: the maximum that On Delay can comfortably accommodate for overnight guests. Felipe and Elsy came with us from Santa Marta, and we picked up Robb and Jen in Cartegena — they’d taken the bus from Santa Marta a few days earlier.
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Minca, Colombia, Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I think of all the cups of coffee I have drunk in my life, and only now have I visited a coffee plantation. I’ll never complain again about the price of coffee beans: I have seen work and processing that goes into producing my cup of joe.

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