Route Recap: November and December 2012

December 23: from Isla Escudo de Veraguas to Bocas Town (map)

We decided to spend Christmas near Bocas town, the capital of Bocas del Toro. The place has a strong Caribbean vibe to it and is a popular tourist destination.

The journey from Escudo de Veraguas was eight hours of motoring, some of it in the rain. Big thanks to Pete and Otto Pilot for doing most of the driving.

December 21 to 22: from Green Turtle Cay Marina to Isla Escudo de Veraguas (map)

This trip was about 135 miles. We left in the late afternoon and arrived the following day in mid-afternoon. The Isla was a beautiful and deserted anchorage. Though, the Panamanian coast guard interrupted our evening by boarding us — they were pleasant enough but sufficiently ragtag and incompetent that we wondered if they were legit. (Using the satellite phone and help from sister Lynda in the US, Pete called the US coast guard who were able to assure us that our visitors really were the Panamanian coast guard.)

December 10: from Lemon Cayes in Kuna Yala to Green Turtle Cay Marina, mainland Panama (map)

A dull day. No wind and no sun. Happy to have two motors.

November 8 to December 9: bopping around Kuna Yala (map)

Kuna Yala is a very special place. Sometimes there was wind to sail but often we had to motor.

November 8 to 9: Cartegena to Kuna Yala (map)

This was the best sail ever. The wind was constant and from the right direction (beam reach). Even the current was in our favour. Siggy and Hilary were with us and took a watch from me and one from Gayle so it was a cushy schedule for the reluctant sailors. We left in the mid-afternoon and arrived the following day in the mid-afternoon.

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