Dorado Days

We trolled a fishing line for some of our long passage between Trinidad and Aruba.

Pete landed two beautiful dorado (also known as mahi-mahi). The first one was big, about 8 lbs. Pete reeled him in; Gayle handled the gaff; Tony did the cleaning and filleting.

Gayle with the fish on the gaff.

Pete and his catch.

Tony prepared to clean and fillet: apron, sharp knife, and life jacket.

Tony cleaning the fish on the sugar scoop (steps down to the water at the back of the boat).

We ate some as sashimi right away. I baked some for dinner that night while we were underway. The rest is in the freezer.

Delicious sashimi lunch prepared by Tony.

A couple of days later, we caught the second dorado under similar conditions (sailing 5 or 6 knots through the water and using the bright pink lure recommended by the tackle store in Port of Spain, Trinidad).

Pete and his second dorado: dinner for four.

This one was smaller, about 4lbs and was utterly delicious BBQed. At dinner time, we hove to to flatten the motion of the boat and to really enjoy our catch-of-the day dinner.

Nothing left but the bones.


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