Route Recap: June 2013

June 15-18, 2013: from Port Antonio, Jamaica to Blue Haven Marina, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos (map)

All four of us on board for this multi-day crossing. We stopped at beautiful San San Bay to kill a little time after we left the Errol Flynn marina in the morning. We sailed as close to Cuba and Guantanamo Bay as we dared. ‘Heard a little Cuban radio on the 16th. On the 17, the starboard hot-water heater sprung a leak and filled the bilge and the flapper failed. The morning of the 18th, we took a slip (with some difficulty due to the strong current) at the Blue Haven Marina.

June 2-4, 2013: from Cayman Brac, Caveman Islands to Port Antonio, Jamaica (map)

This was a bumpy 50-hour passage for Tony and Jane. The wind and current were against us. Instead of trying to go southeast, we sailed south until we were the same latitude as Jamaica and then we motored east, along the north coast of Jamaica. We encountered some strong winds — on the second night, Tony saw sustained 35 knots apparent with gusts up to 38 knots. We were happy to get to the sheltered Errol Flynn Marina at Port Antonio. The next boat that came in had a broken mast, and the boat after that came in with its storm sails up, having ripped the mainsail.

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