Route Recap: October 2012

Saturday, October 20 to Monday, October 22 : Club Nautico, Cartegena to Cholón Bay and back, Colombia (map)

We had a weekend away from the city. It was fun to get away and drop anchor in a pretty place. We motored there and sailed/motored-sailed back.

Tuesday, October 9 : from Isla Grande to Cartegena, Colombia (map)

We were able to sail part of the way back from Isla Grande to Cartegena. Yeah!

Monday, October 8: from Cartegena to Isla Grande, Colombia (map)

We got up early (~5:15) and motored three hours to Isla Grande, one of the Islas del Rosario.

Saturday, October 5 to Sunday, October 6 : from Santa Marta to Cartegena, Colombia (map)

It was a long motor from Santa Marta to Cartegena. There was no wind at all. We set off late in the evening and motored slowly so that we would pass the mouth of the River at first light. Erich had told us that the mouth of the great Magdalena river can be dangerous because large logs and other items float downstream and out to sea, making hazards for boats.

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