Review: Petite Anse Hotel, Grenada

July 13th and July 28, 2012, Sauteurs, Grenada

If you ever find yourself in Grenada, I recommend a few nights stay at the lovely Petite Anse Hotel on the north tip of the island. Even if you haven’t been living on a sailboat for three months, you’ll find the Petite Anse Hotel to be charming and romantic.

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Trampoline Pillows

July 31, 2012, Grenada

On Delay has the most beautiful trampoline pillows in all the land. (Perhaps the only trampoline pillows in the land.)

One of the nicest things to do on a catamaran is to lie on the trampoline in the evening and look at the stars. Gayle noticed that this experience was marred by the discomfort of having one’s head directly on the knotted trampoline netting. She set out to improve the experience by creating special trampoline pillows for On Delay.

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Oil Down

Hog Island, Grenada, July 24th, 2012

Oil down is the national dish in Grenada. (There is a recipe on the official government website: However, don’t follow this recipe; it hasn’t been tested: the chicken was left out.) Key ingredients are salted meat, coconut milk, chicken, callaloo (rather like spinach), and breadfruit and other provisions such as dasheen and plantains.

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