Mall Day

Tuesday was “Mall Day”. I suspect this was our last chance for a while to shop at a full-scale American-style mall. Gayle will miss malls inherently. The rest of us might miss malls for convenient access to a range of well-priced goods.

At the great Plaza Del Caribe Mall, we bought:

  • Tools at Sears (better selection of tools here than in S.F.).
  • Household goods at J.C. Penny (because we liked their Father’s Day ad).
  • Clothes at Old Navy (the Yen must be undervalued against the US dollar; we got 10 nice articles of clothing for $88).
  • Many items from Walgreens (including a knee brace for Tony who twisted his knee weeks ago in the Bahamas and is still bothered by it).

4 thoughts on “Mall Day

  1. Don,t know if you got our last post but we are in Barcelona, spain…love this city,also love your posts. We enjoyed the lions in ponce and the pictures.keep up the great work..they are fabulous

  2. You all are living the dream. So jazzed to be reading your posts for the first time. Congratulations on this incredible life journey! Keep the posts coming.

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