Paul J. is our first international visitor

On Monday, Paul Jedrzejewski arrived from San Diego. He’s going to sail with us to Puerto Rico.

He brought us lots of lovely cruisers treats: Crystal Lite, Californian wine, some other nice spirits, Peet’s coffee, spices and nuts.

Here are some snaps of his arrival.

Paul at the airport.

Paul's pickup point is the Sharkbite restaurant at Turtle Cove. Here he is waiting with his luggage.

Tony in the dinghy, setting off to collect Paul.

Paul's luggage in the dinghy.

Tony and Paul on their way to the boat. We see them from afar...

And then they are at the boat.

He looks happy to have arrived after ~36 hours of travel!

2 thoughts on “Paul J. is our first international visitor

  1. I want to visit too..but I have to go to Europe first…a week from next Wednesday … Will check posts from our ship..have a great time!,,,

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