Testing the system

I am trying to find easier ways to get photos in.

Growing Food on On Delay

I’m getting back to my wanna-be hippy roots and have started growing my own bean sprouts and culturing yogurt.

The initial bean sprout experiment was a success — sprouts sprout twice as fast in the heat of the tropics than in SF.

Jane and her bean sprouts. (Grown in the odd pasta-and-more container left in the galley by the previous owners of On Delay.)

The cupboard above the freezer pump gets very hot — the freezer pump runs a lot keeping our cold food not-quite frozen in the hot weather. Turns out that this hot cupboard is a great place to culture yogurt.  Today’s batch was the best yet — made from Chobani Greek yogurt, milk powder, evaporated milk, a pinch of salt and a touch of gelatine.

Yogurt culture cupboard.

Saturday Afternoon on Provinciales

On Saturday, we rented a little car and drove along Provinciales. We drove the highway, the length of the island: first to the end of the road on the east and then in the evening we drove to the end of the paved road on the west.

Here are some pictures from the day:

Banking is such a big deal here; it seemed appropriate to have my picture taken in front of a bank in the fancy shopping district.

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