Trampoline Pillows

July 31, 2012, Grenada

On Delay has the most beautiful trampoline pillows in all the land. (Perhaps the only trampoline pillows in the land.)

One of the nicest things to do on a catamaran is to lie on the trampoline in the evening and look at the stars. Gayle noticed that this experience was marred by the discomfort of having one’s head directly on the knotted trampoline netting. She set out to improve the experience by creating special trampoline pillows for On Delay.

On Delay’s trampoline pillows were conceived and designed by Gayle. And, optimized and beautifully fabricated by Jane Royce of The Canvas Shop, Phare Bleu Marina, Grenada.

Here is Jane Royce in the Canvas Shop with the pillows she made for us.

Our pillows are made of navy canvas and have white piping and velcro straps to fasten them to the trampoline.

A pristine pillow.

And now for the test:

Gayle trying out a new pillow and reading a funny book by Bill Bryson.

8 thoughts on “Trampoline Pillows

  1. OK, so why do you have a trampoline on the cat? Don’t you get enough exercise in other ways? And if you fall off do you end up swimming? 🙂 We want pix of people trampolining!

    • Ah, a catamaran’s trampoline is not for exercise or jumping on. It’s the netted area between the two hulls at the front of the boat. It allows us to access the “pointy bits” and the anchor without falling off.

    • No, we haven’t seen any meteors — but we haven’t been looking, and the moon has been full since we got our pillows.

    • She’s reading “I’m a Stranger Here Myself: Notes on Returning to America After 20 Years Away”. She read the funniest bits aloud to Pete and me.

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