Andy arrives!

Friday, July 27th, 2012, St. George’s, Grenada

Andy, our first visitor from San Francisco, arrived.

Tony put on his best cruiser-goes-to-town clothes and went to the airport to meet Andy. Pete, Gayle and I took On Delay to St. George’s harbour, ready to collect Andy and Tony.

Here is Andy approaching in the dinghy:

Here is Andy coming aboard On Delay:

Here is one of the two beautiful chairs that Andy schlepped from San Francisco via Trinidad to Grenada (Thank you Andy — the chairs are perfect):

Here is new improved pump (sitting on a new chair) that Andy schlepped from San Francisco via Trinidad to Grenada:

Here is the pump installed (Thank you Tony):

During the day, Andy makes cups of tea for us all:

At sunset, Andy makes delicious rum punches for us all:

We like Andy.

7 thoughts on “Andy arrives!

  1. Lucky Andy. Lucky ship dwellers. Rum punch all night while watching Olympics replays are in the near future?

    • Nope, Andy’s punches are limited to one per evening, at least for me. We’ll watch the Carriacou regatta instead of the Olympics, and Pete plans to compete!

  2. Nice to see the old Gcor sailing squad back together again! However I suggest you check Andy’s ticket to make sure it was round trip. Ice cubes in the drinks? No gas powered blender on the boat?

  3. Hello!

    Oh my are the memories flooding back from our sailing trip with you two. Bill and I wish you guys the best! I emailed Joe and Phil to see if they wanted to go to the world series trials for the America’s Cup and Joe sent me a link to your blog. Which I will add to my bookmark bar and follow your trip. Congratulations for living the dream!!!

    Love you guys!


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