Hobie Cat races at Le Phare Bleu Yacht Club

Saturday, July 21st at Petite Calivigny Bay, Grenada

The Phare Bleu yacht club hosted a day of Hobie Cat races at the marina. Although Pete had never been on a Hobie Cat before, he signed up to race. After all, he races monohulls and he sails a catamaran — no problem, right?

Actually, he did fine: he kept the sail-side up and the hull-side down, he didn’t hit anything, he finished the course, and he let the 14-year-old win. The second race was more exciting. Pete spent part of the race in the lead, although in the end, the local guy won.

Tactic 1: Intimidate the competition by wearing your high-tech SF/China Cup race shirt.

I’m racing that?

Getting to the starting line. (Don’t get stuck in those mangroves!)

Jimmy-the-kid takes the lead.

Pete follows at a more managed pace.

Two nice by-products of Pete’s day racing:

  • He got invited to race on Dieter’s boat (a Swan) for the Carriacou regatta on August 3rd and 4th.
  • He got some racing out of his system. Gayle is adamant that Pete is not allowed “to race the house”, i.e. On Delay.

7 thoughts on “Hobie Cat races at Le Phare Bleu Yacht Club

    • No racing the house, besides, Pete says the house is too heavy which is why he will be racing on a Swan 53 with brand new carbon sails in the 2012 Carricou Regatta next week. Go Pete!

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