The secret swimming spot on the Minca River

Minca, Colombia, October 3rd, 2012

After our visit to the coffee plantation, our driver took us to the Blue Well, a half-hour hike from the road to a gorgeous swimming spot on the Minca river. It was such a lush, beautiful, secluded spot that I want to share the pictures with you.

4 thoughts on “The secret swimming spot on the Minca River

  1. I spent a couple of weeks in Minca in 1969, sleeping in a hammock on someone’s porch – my then husband & I swam in the river every day. When we got back to Barranquilla, Colombia we had a horrible full-body itch which lasted a week & was diagosed to come from ajen (might be spelled wrong, pronounced ahen) — an insect in the Minca river. Last year my now ex-husband went back there, & forgetting that that was the place where we had gotten the ajen, again swam in the river, & again came down with that unimaginable itch from ajen. Has anyone else heard of this? experienced it?

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