Birthday in Bogotá

Bogotá, October 11th, 2012

The last On-Delay birthday of the year was mine.

Remembering Gayle’s birthday in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

It’s fun to think back on our birthday celebrations this year:

  • June for Tony’s birthday — We were at sea on his birthday but celebrated a few days late at Bonito, a very beautiful restaurant in St. Barts.
  • August for Gayle’s birthday — Pete was away [sniff] but Gayle, Tony, and I celebrated at one of Trinidad’s fanciest restaurants, Chaud Creole.
  • September for Pete’s birthday — Pete and Gayle celebrated in Aruba.

And now, my birthday in Bogotá.
We postponed the celebratory dinner by a day; I was feeling the altitude when we arrived in Bogotá on the 10th. Tony did extensive web-searching and chose an excellent place for dinner on the 11th: La Leo Cocina y Cava Mestiza.

Gayle and I spent the afternoon shoe shopping so that we could dress appropriately. (Bogotá is a city of boots and closed-toe shoes — the sandals that we have worn everywhere else, just wouldn’t do.) It was very fun to go to a world class restaurant in a glamorous hotel in a big city.

Jane’s birthday dessert, the tres leches cake, decorated with a golden candle and a violet.

Bogotá is very different from everywhere else we’ve visited on our On Delay adventure. It’s a big city: ~8 million people. It feels rather like London or Buenos Aires in that it is the capital city and the biggest, richest, most important city in the country. Although the city lies just 4.5 degrees north of the equator, the city lies at ~8,500 feet above sea level and so is always cool.

We are staying here for a week — making ourselves at home in a pair of chic furnished apartments in a really good area of the city (Parque 93 / Chico).

7 thoughts on “Birthday in Bogotá

  1. No photos of you gals all done up in your “closed toes shoesies” 🙂
    You scared me for a minute when I say the “Happy Birthday Gayle” post…..thought we had forgotten her birthday!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your stay off the boat in the nice apartments. Photos, please 🙂

  2. Styling in Bogota, how original for the celebration of the anniversary of your birth! Happy 29th Birthday :), may you have many more!

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Jane. Looks like you celebrated in style! We returned from Chianti, where we had an excellent time. Especially enjoyed the food and museums of the various places we visited. Especially enjoyed the Villa Borghese, in Rome. We go to Hawaii, where we will celebrate (if that’s the right word!) my birthday. Looking forward to seeing the volcano on the island of Hawaii. Heading to NYC to settle arrangements for renting out the apartment there, early in November. Spending Thanksgiving in Reno. Our best to all, P & G

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