First sibling visit

— Here’s a post that has been languishing in “drafts”. It’s a few pictures from my sister’s visit.  (The second sibling visit will be posted soon.)

February 18 to 25th, 2013, Belize

My sister, Eli, was the first sibling to visit us on On Delay. It was extra special to have family aboard.

The cayes of Belize have a lovely laid-back Caribbean feel. We spent some time inside the barrier reef on Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, as well as visiting the atolls outside the reef (Turneffe and Lighthouse — home of the famous Blue Hole dive site). There are only four atolls in the northern hemisphere and three of them are in Belize (the fourth is in Mexico a few miles north).

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The Windlass and The Mennonites (part 1)

When we arrived in Belize, the windlass (the anchor puller upper) finally gave up the ghost. Pete and Tony tried, several times to manufacture fixes to keep it going including rubber rings and aluminum foil. On our final anchor, while heading to Belize City, fixes were no longer an option. This part is no longer made so, aside from buying a brand new windlass, machining new parts seemed the best option.

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