The Windlass and the Mennonites (part 2)

Thursday morning, March 1, after breakfast and the bugs depart (because the weather turned cold), we kick into motion.

The installation of the windlass required that we strip corroded paint (the windlass is cast aluminum), sand, prime, repaint, and then install in the anchor locker in the front of the boat.  Seems simple.

Gratefully, it was simple…with grunting, growling, painting, and cleaning, the windlass was reinstalled with several applications of marine grade 4200 (thank you 3M) to ensure a good seal and prevent water damage.  With all of the cleaning, I even had a chance to clean the windlass platform in the anchor locker.

Shiny and Clean, the Repaired Windlass Back in Its Home

Shiny and Clean, the Repaired Windlass Back in Its Home

UPDATE:  Monday, March 18, 2013, we and we safely anchored in Caye Caulker, San Pedro, Caye Caulker (again), Water Caye and now back at the Marina. New process is in place to save the windlass (which takes some learning), and all seems good. Today, after a little provisioning, picking up T and J and R, our next visitors…

Thank you, Aaron Janzen, we appreciate your craftsmanship.

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