Yesterday we hit Georgetown, the last cruisers refuge before you leave the safety of the bank (protected shallow water). A lot of people get stuck here … forever! There is a hurricane hole on the north side of the harbor that is packed with boats that no longer move. Some are cruisers too scared to go further, some are just retired people living on their boats, and some are drop outs in floating plywood shacks like you would see in Sausalito. They all seem to walk over the hill to the beach everyday and then back to the boat at night with weekly trips to town across the harbor for provisions. It seems like it might be fun for a little while, but a ‘Sartre’-like prison in the long term. Continue reading

Fish Story

This is the first of what I hope will be many fish stories. I will be brief to make sure this works. So far I have bagged a strawberry grouper, a lion fish, and a “summer crab” (not shown as it resembles an out of season lobster). Continue reading

Still on the Dock

Today is Sunday and we are at the dock and getting more work done (Jane and I working on provisioning for passages / Costco shopping, Tony and Pete doing work on the Generator, Water Maker, and several other systems).  The temperature warms quickly so by 10 am, it is already 80 plus degrees and getting too warm to be outside. Most people stay inside mid-day which was our plan today. Continue reading