Still on the Dock

Today is Sunday and we are at the dock and getting more work done (Jane and I working on provisioning for passages / Costco shopping, Tony and Pete doing work on the Generator, Water Maker, and several other systems).  The temperature warms quickly so by 10 am, it is already 80 plus degrees and getting too warm to be outside. Most people stay inside mid-day which was our plan today.

Still doing lots of running around and have put off the diving certification for P&G until we get further south.  Last week, the whole crew got to visit the IGFA (International Game and Fishing Association), where while looking through one of the magazines, we saw a picture of our cousin Bob!  Then, while visiting the local AT&T store (for the record, AT&T stores all suck, from what I can tell), Pete saw an ad for a bank with one of the guys he races with on the bay.  Who knew that we knew so many celebrities.

This coming week includes a trip back to school.  On Monday and Tuesday, Jane, Tony and I head off to learn about Ocean Safety and Life Rafts at the Maritime Professional Training school (MPT).  It is the part of my education that I would like never to put into practice, the knowledge will be good to have and good to know.  On Wednesday, all four of the On Delay Crew head of for our CPR and First Aid class.  We get to take our own lunches and swim suits and notebooks and highlighters, etc.  It will be nice to exercise my brain and be in a classroom with others from different backgrounds.  Our home here at 139 Fiesta Way is seemingly smaller and smaller as the days pass and we are all looking forward to pushing off on our merry way.

We did manage a road trip to Green Cove Springs to check mail and do some other things.  We enjoyed the trip, stayed overnight in a hotel and even got to have martinis in the hotel bar!  They had the option of blue cheese stuffed or pimento, for everyone…talk about awesome.  And, liquor is less expensive than wine.  Strange, but true. Pete is thinking he would like to begin drinking coffee.  Aside from my fear of this activity, he is convinced that at 40, he should begin now.  As such, during a stop on the 5 hour journey back to Fort Lauderdale, he enjoyed a mocha.  Jane took a picture which will be posted in the photo section at some point.

Other points of interest from last week –

  • Pete is missing all facial hair and got a beautiful haircut from the barber named Karli down the street (I have an appointment for Tuesday, after school), she has the buffets arms.  I have a goal, now.
  • Tony also got a haircut, his completed in Green Cove Springs.  Scarlett was her name.
  • Farmers Markets are combination of Farmers Market and Flea Market.  I have decided that any purchases of clothing, jewelry, etc will be locally crafted.
  • My skin has still not adjusted to the heat, but I did learn that sunscreen greater than SPF 50 doesn’t matter.  It should all be reapplied every couple of hours.
  • Real Simple – If you have the online version of magazines, they come faster than even the subscription.
  • Interwebs – A commonly used term for those that were alive at the start of the world wide web.
  • Green Tea with Rice – Still delicious no matter the exterior temperature.
  • Gekkos – Smaller doesn’t make them faster.
  • Corvina – Not to be confused with the city in southern california, this is a mild white fish which was used for fish tacos last night (it was cinco de mayo).

This part of the we misses home including the structure of life and at the same time I am very excited to get moving and learn more about the world out there.  It is big and wonderful and full of so many wonderful opportunities.  Not only that, my legs are seeing more air than they have in over a decade, which implies, that yes, I am getting a tan.

Send emails, we like to read them.  You can send pictures, too, but they are slower to download.

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  1. Hi. I don’t know if you still monitor your blog as on delay/family circus has just changed hands again but I was just hoping you did and might be able to answer a quick question. We are looking at purchasing a Lagoon 470. I love the cockpit hardtop on on delay/family circus. Did you have it installed? Can you tell me the manufacturer and the cost? Most 470’s still have canvas tops. Once we take the plunge, replacing that canvas is priority. Thank you for your input. Cheryl.

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