High Points of Eating

We ate many meals aboard and sometimes as a reward for our working efforts, meals out served a necessary distraction from a day filled with working on the boat.

Here are the places we would recommend, should we be back in Fort Lauderdale.

  • Waxy’s – A favorite of the team at West Marine AND the school where we took classes.
  • Foxy Brown – Tuesday being half price bottles of wine, we visited more than once.  They offer an eclectic menu not standard in the Fort Lauderdale area.
  • Luigi’s Coal Fired Pizza – Home of the best grilled chicken, I have ever had, out.  Down the street from the house, we could walk, cab, drive or just pop in for fun.  Great for a group, great for a date.  The staff, transports from Philly and locals, like regulars, so go often.
  • Floridian (Flo’s) – A Las Olas mainstay, or at least, so say the locals.  Diner food at its best and AC that requires  a sweater (which we got when we arrived).
  • Tuscan Grill – Also on Las Olas, a fine place for a dinner out or a quiet dinner with friends.  Darrel joined us for a delightful dinner.  Go early, the staff falls off after a while.
  • LaSpada’s Hoagie – Off 17th and near the fancy Publix, this place is a chain, and possibly the best sandwich EVER!  Offering three sizes, round, 6″ and 12″, they slice everything fresh and make a really big show.
  • South Port Raw Bar – Home of the Bimini Bread (much like Hawaiian bread), this is a locals, tourist favorite spot, alike, and they are masters of the fryer (curious considering the name).
  • Kelly’s Landing – For all you Boston fans, this is your joint.  Lobster roll sandwich, clam chowder and all the favorites of home and during Red Sox season, if you watch the game, Yueng Lueng is half price.
  • 5 Guys Hamburger – Ever been to In-n-Out?  This place takes it up a step by telling the origin of the potatoes used for the fries. Burgers are pretty darn tasty and come with oodles of side vegetable for those in to that sort of thing.
  • Zona Fresca – On a weary day following Target and Old Navy shopping, this place came up with 4 stars in Yelper reviews.  With a little hesitation, we parked (3 o’clock, a little late for lunch) and enjoyed some really tasty Mexican, my salad, cactus salad, heaped on a plate and proved to be almost more than I could handle.
  • Croissant Time – Before learning about Gran Forno on Las Olas, this was our go to for croissants.  Pete found it on a journey with his mom back in February.  They are the single purveyor of merguez that we could find in Fort Lauderdale.
  • Gran Forno – Dear Lord, if I go to heaven, please have this place there.  Freshest of fresh baked goods with the most perfect balance of texture and crumb.  I am happy to try butter on any of their bread or eat any of the quiche, fresh or day old, sample any of the muffins and rumor on the street is that the platonic ideal of apple strudel.  Jane said so, therefore it is.
  • Johnny V’s – The cheese plate provided an opulence, unmatched.
  • Sushi Rock on Las Olas – While a nice place to go, and we would go again if in the neighborhood, the wow factor was missing.  Lots of basics.  The staff was very friendly.
  • Lester’s – Our first and last meal in Fort Lauderdale (with several in between).  This place is brings a little bit of Mel’s Diner (the TV show not the chain in SF) back to reality.  While some felt it was more genre than food quality, their desserts are above bar and the Greek section of the menu is worth visiting.

Carrot cake at Lester's

So, while we spent a glorious 6 weeks in the great Fort Lauderdale area, supporting local business, doing laundry in various laundomats, shopping in West Marine, Sailorman, MacDonald’s, and a host of other places, many memories, many adventures a lot of laughs and sweat.

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