New heads

The electric heads (marine toilets) in the boat had a serious (and disgusting) design flaw. Tony wrote them this email:

Dear Jabsco,

I have three 58500-0012 electric toilets (foot switch) installed in my boat.  Two of them have a tendency (not to put too fine a point on it) to splatter macerated shit up and out of the bowl.  This is an undesirable feature in a marine head.  As there are no obviously adjustable parts, I am at a loss.  What would you suggest?

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Pilgrimage to Pork

Puerto Rico, Father’s Day 2012

My friend Wren mentioned that her Laura’s birthday celebration included whole roast pig. This got me thinking that there are a good many blog readers who are partial to some nicely cooked pork and who might enjoy photos of Peter, Paul and Tony’s pilgrimage to eat pork in the famous lechonera La Ranchera the mountains of Puerto Rico. Gayle went along as the designated driver; she ate roast chicken.

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Safety at Sea Part 2: Drogue Day

When we first started out we practiced our man overboard drills.

Another safety aspect is sailing in heavy weather.  When there are strong winds and heavy seas, the boat can pitch-pole.  That is to say it can slide down the face of a steep wave, bury its nose and tip over.  There is a diagram here.  For various reasons this is more of a risk with catamarans than monohulls. Continue reading