Man Overboard Recovery Part 1

While Arthur whiled away the day in his hummus punnet, we decided we ought to practice some man overboard recovery.  We started with the last part: getting back on board. After the person has been recovered and is secured to the boat, how do you get them back on board?  You can try the sugar-scoops (steps) at the back, but in a heavy sea they will be bouncing up and down and could cause injury.  The safest way is over the side on the lee of the boat.

On Delay has about 7 feet of free-board and another 2 feet of lifelines.  The sides are smooth so there is no way to climb.  Pete went overboard.  We tried several methods to recover him before we found one that worked.  First we tried using a spare halyard.  However, On Delay is so wide that the lateral pressure was too much.  Then we tried using a 3-1 purchase LifeSling man overboard system with the block attached to a stay.  The block started to bend and disintegrate.

block buckled during recovery

Finally, we led the halyard through a large snatch-block attached to the stay.  That seemed to work pretty well.

Secured to the boat

Gayle and Jane winching Pete onboard

Safely recovered

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