First Baptist Church in San Andrés, Colombia

January 16th, 2013, San Andrés, Colombia

Having grown up in a Baptist church and having been all over as a tourist visiting churches of other denominations that are of historical interest — I was quite taken with, for once in my life, visiting a Baptist church that is a historically significant tourist attraction.

Baptists aren’t flashy people — they don’t put gold or statues in their churches. Stained glass, if present, is more often coloured glass than imagery. No surprise that Baptist churches aren’t tourist destinations.

However, the First Baptist Church in San Andrés is worth a visit. It is the oldest church in San Andrés, architecturally interesting and provides a wonderful view of the island.

It looks like a structure from New England.

First Baptist Church founded in 1844.

First Baptist Church founded in 1844. Yes, we’re still in Colombia.

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