El Parque Nacional del Chicamocha

Chicamocha Park, Santander November 1, 2012

This is my last blog about Tony, Jane, Siggy and Hilary in Santander province. (As soon as we got back to the boat after our travels in Santander, we set off for Kuna Yala where we didn’t have any proper web access; so I wasn’t able to post any of the Santander blogs last month.)

The view from Chicamocha park.

Tony and I liked Santander best of all the places we visited in Colombia. Bogotá is too high and too cold. Cartegena is too hot. But Santander is just right! Maybe our opinion is affected by the fact that our friend Jaime Torres lives in Santander. Jaime and his family were generous and delightful hosts and tour guides throughout our stay in Santander.

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