Strange Luxury

It’s May 30th and I am on the 19:00-22:00 watch, sailing close hauled (that’s 45 degrees off the breeze in our cat) under a single reefed main and a full jib at 5.8 kts in 10-11 kts of true wind. Seas are calm and we are humming along in light trade winds just after sunset. The radar is on and clear and the AIS shows no one in sight. I’ll put in a short hitch tack in about 1.5 hours to get us around a reef and set us up for a dawn arrival in the Turks and Caicos. Life is very good.

Here is the strange part. I am sitting in the salon with the air conditioning on! We needed to fire the generator to make water from the clean 15,000 ft deep water (see a separate post for our hove to dip). Since the generator was going to be on anyway, we decided to have an air conditioned clean out the fridge dinner utilizing the microwave. We stopped short of watching an episode of ‘Extras’ (a new Ricky Gervaise show) from the iPad, but just barely. All the while sailing along.

Life is strangely good.

One thought on “Strange Luxury

  1. How wonderful. Thanks so much, enjoying brief respite from the rat race through the on delay reports. Spent the day down in San Jose looking at a CNC operation that is large enough to mill out a whole car. Totally awesome. Looking at milling out a exterior pod entirely out of foam and fiberglassing for client.

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