E is for Edgar

Introducing Edgar:

This is Edgar.

This is Edgar.

Edgar the gecko has been with us now for a couple of months. Our best guess is that he joined us at Green Turtle Cay Marina in Panama, presumably climbing along one of the lines from the dock.

We first saw him on the sail between Turtle Cay and Bocas del Toro.  At the start, he kept a very low profile; we didn’t see him for weeks on end. However, recently he has established himself in the salon and is braver about being seen. He is very good at eating bugs. Gayle and I watched him hunting one night. We saw him approach the bug. We saw his head half an inch from the bug and then we saw the bug disappear with a flick of the tongue. Edgar is very quick.

He is growing — last night his eyes and the tip of his tail were opalescent — or Pete described him as having a bloom like chocolate left too long in the fridge. Years of reptile ownership tells us that this means that Edgar is about to shed.

A favourite spot by the window.

A favourite spot by the window.

Here is Edgar in the galley at night -- caught by surprise on the flour bin.

Here is Edgar in the galley at night — caught by surprise on the flour bin.

We are very happy to share our floating home with Edgar the bug-eating house gecko.

5 thoughts on “E is for Edgar

  1. Either Edgar would go or I would be on dry land! eeeeeek!!! I don’t care how good a “pet” (not) people say they are….they’re crawly “things” and I don’t “do” crawly anything!!! YUCK!!! (whew! just had to vent about that post) 🙂
    Stay safe “ya’ll” 🙂

  2. Couldn’t ask for a finer house-guest! Low maintenance, keeps bugs down, fun to watch. Yay Edgar!

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