Recipes Afloat: #3 Mangrove Oysters

An occasional series of practical recipes to cook aboard using the ingredients at hand.


Mangrove oysters

Bulleit bourbon       – 2 oz
Ice cubes                – 4
Mangrove Oysters  – 4 dozen
Limes                     – 3 quartered
Amazon hot sauce – to taste
Brown bread
French butter

This recipe is more about showcasing the ingredient than sophisticated technique.

In order to get high quality product, it is important to treat your suppliers well.

Mangrove oysters may be procured from the boat-boys in Tyrell Bay, Carriacou, Grenada.  Our boat-boy was called Brian (or Barry?).  He asked for EC$40 per dozen.  Your correspondent skilfully negotiated him down to EC$30 per dozen.  He went to harvest the oysters.

First: prepare a Bulleit bourbon over ice in a “to go” cup.  Give this to Brian on his return. This will lead to additional oysters totaling over 4 dozen; considerably less than the going rate of EC$20 per dozen.

Second: clean the oysters:

Jane cleaning the oysters

Clean oysters

Third: open the oysters

Oyster opening

Fourth: serve with lime, Amazon hot sauce, and brown bread with French butter

Ready to eat



5 thoughts on “Recipes Afloat: #3 Mangrove Oysters

    • They were odd looking oysters and a lot of work to clean (mangroves are muddy!) — but we all agreed that they were remarkably delicious and worth the effort. We also BBQ’d some, and they were equally delicious.

  1. wow..this is better than the cooking channel..looks very professional and delicious!!!

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