Team On Delay is off to a strong start in Colombia

Santa Marta, Colombia, September 29th, 2012

We got off to a great start. The new marina in Santa Marta is really nicely setup and they are trying hard to establish themselves. Great customer service: the dockmaster is John from Los Angeles so communication is easy; and he helped translate when the electrician came.

Eric and Lucky (our neighbours from the Renaissance Marina in Aruba) are here too. We stopped by for a chat when we first arrived and compared crossing notes. Gayle has threatened to take him shopping for local bags.

Dino is our agent. We pay him to get all the necessary permits and customs and immigration documents. He is working hard to establish himself as the best agent for cruisers in Santa Marta. Multiple sources told us to ask for him specifically.

Felipe (Tony’s friend from Solazyme) came to the boat yesterday afternoon. It is awesome to have a native show us around. We took the slow bus to El Rotadero, the next town over; had dinner at a stunning restaurant called Burukuka overlooking the beach; and then slept over at Felipe’s family’s condo – perfectly appointed – also with a stunning view over the beach.

Robb and Jen arrived mid-morning. They didn’t come by dinghy because we were at dock (so no classic dinghy photo to show). Their trip went smoothly so they arrived sooner than expected. Pete and Gayle were in the middle of flaking our torn gennacker on the helipad (I wish I’d got a photo of that) when R & J walked up.

4 thoughts on “Team On Delay is off to a strong start in Colombia

  1. LOVE (always) your photos!!!! So nice to see what you’re up to and experiencing!! Jane, you’re an awesome Blogger!!
    Stay safe and “hi” to all!!

    • Hi D.
      Thanks v much for your comment and concern. Fortunately, we are well. The earthquake happened in southwestern Colombia and currently we are in the northeast. (whew!) 7.1 is a big number for an earthquake. I hope we never get closer.

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