Another island, another golf cart, another circumnavigation

January 29th, 2013, Providence, Colombia

Here are some pictures from our clockwise circumnavigation (by golf cart) of Providence. Providence is even smaller than its sister San Andrés. However, it took us just as long to circumnavigate because we got stuck at Roland’s reggae beach bar at the bottom of the island. First we were distracted by the beauty of the beach and then detained by the 2 hours plus that it took for our lunch to arrive. [It was so delicious that we almost forgave Roland for the long wait.]

4 thoughts on “Another island, another golf cart, another circumnavigation

  1. Great photos Jane–the Swinging step-by-steps look especially fun! Did the On Delay get through that reef?

    • Ah, no. We were not allowed to move On Delay to that part of the island. The port captain wanted all the yachts to stay in the main harbour. (Providence is popular with drug runners, so probably easiest for the port captain to keep all the boats under surveillance in one place.)

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