Fried eggs on a stick (Only in Colombia? No se.)

The Farmers’ market in La Mesa de Los Santos, Colombia, Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Tony, On Delay’s most fearless eater, saw this attractive sign for fried eggs on a stick and had to try it.

Here is the sign that caught TD’s attention:

The eye-catching sign for “eggs on a stick”.

Here are the eggs being cooked in their special apparatus:

It’s quails’ eggs that are used.

And the finished product:

Eggs on a stick with special sauce (mayonnaise and ketchup, most probably).

Fried-eggs-on-a-stick are a tasty snack of conventional ingredients in a new format.

Another of the crazy treats we tried at the market was a sweet made of natural gelatin (boiled cow’s foot) and panela (a raw sugar).

Again, we were attracted by the sign.

It looks like ice cream but is room temperature. It is mixed with a sort of taffy-pulling machine; the gelatin needs to be kept in constant motion.

It’s a sticky mess with lumps of panela and translucent gelatin getting folded in.

Here is Siggy with the finished product. It tasted like a soft, very sweet meringue. We chose grated coconut and chopped dates for the topping.

Siggy doesn’t look sure he wants to try it.

This is our new favourite farmer’s market. The fruit and vegetables that we bought there were all exceptionally good. The yellow pitahaya were amazingly sweet and delicate.

The farmers’ market is a popular place on Saturday mornings.

Tony is still talking about the fresh corn arepas that we tasted.

This is the stall where the fresh corn arepas are prepared.

The most delicious fresh corn arepas, served on a corn husk.

I am quite envious of Jaime having this wonderful market so close to his country house.

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  1. The design of the roof line of the buildings at the Farmer’s Mkt looked very cool. Kind of serpent/Asian feel.

    The beef foot meringue is one of those foods it’s probably better to learn about *after* you taste it.

    Keep the food follies coming!

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